News from AADYND (Argentina Dietitians and Nutritionists Dietitians Association)

  • Since 03-20-2020, decree 297-2020 was declared in the Argentine Republic, the Preventive and Mandatory Social Isolation by COVID-19.
    During this COVID-19 pandemic, AADYND worked hard to provide its partners with validated scientific information and also made several protocols and recommendations. Since May 2020, they began to be published on our website:
    "Recommendations for the Nutrition degree holder who works in hospitalization areas", "Protocol of attention in Nutritional Clinic, with informed consent", "AADYND (COVID-19) Recommendations for food purchase, treatment and storage", "Nutritional management in Geriatric Nursing Homes, in the COVID-19 context "," AADYD (COVID-19) Recommendations for hemodialysis patients ".
    In July 2020, through the AADYND Legal and Professional Affairs Committee we begin to deal with the issue of a Telework Law, oriented to the particularities of our practice, in order to evaluate a regulatory framework that protects and benefit the professional practice of nutritionists.
    From August 10th  to 14th  2020, the "Nutritionist Week" was held virtually, celebrating the nutritionist day in Argentina (August 11th) through the zoom platform and IG live, with free activities for members and not partners. Interviews and conferences on different topics were carried out such as: Professional exercise of nutritionists; Nutrition and Vegetarianism; Sport Nutrition; Food security, Gender and work.
    To continue with Nutritionists members and non-members training all the courses taught by AADYND were virtual. Three online courses were held on our platform with 86 enrolled, 8 courses shared on another platform with 370 professionals, 17 Athenaeums, through the Zoom AADYND platform, with excellent participation (1770 attendees). Some of the topics were: Diabetes and physical activity , Mindfulnes in eating disorders, Vegetarianism in children and adolescents, Key points in breastfeeding, Nutritional interventions in patients with palliative care, Nutritional interventions in older adults.
    In the month of November 2020, the "I AADYND Virtual Conference" was held, whose motto was: New perspectives in nutrition science, with 245 participants. The "II Virtual Conference" took place from August 9th to 13th of this year, with 280 attendees.

    Regarding our scientific journal DIAETA, 3 issues were published during 2020. Launching DIAETA as a new open access journal. New colleagues from different countries were incorporated as Reviewers of the journal and external collegaues were also contacted, for peer evaluation.
    On October 29th  2020, the bill on frontal food labeling was approved in the Chamber of Senators of the Argentine Republic and now passes to the Chamber of Deputies. A very important step, a breakthrough on this issue.
    Our social networks increased their followers, we currently have: Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, all aimed at health professionals. In April 2019, the Instagram account “Comer Bien AADYND” was created, with the intention of having more presence in the community among social media.
    Finally, on December 22nd 2020, a virtual toast for the end of the year was organized, with important recognition to the former presidents during the 70s, 80s and 90s, for their work, their commitment and effort.

    Viviana Corteggiano
    Ma. Lucila Minotti
    Lic. Nutricion M.N. 5140
    Educadora en Diabetes (S.A.D.)