Information and Reminders:
ICDA Board of Directors Report, November 2021
  • On August 31, 2021, the Annual Meeting of ICDA members was held virtually and attended by 28 representatives from 23 National Dietetic Associations (NDA).

    The meeting comprised a series of reports and routine business, as there were no special resolutions presented, followed by an informal discussion with breakout rooms to aid participation by representatives.

    Giuseppe Russolillo, Chair of the Board of Directors commended NDAs on how they had risen to the challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic and the work they had done in publishing consensus documents, working protocols, and delivering virtual scientific and educational events in difficult circumstances. He congratulated and thanked the Association for Dietetics in South Africa for their dedication and perseverance in turning the International Congress of Dietetics 2021 into an exciting virtual conference.

    Carole Middleton, Secretary to the Board of Directors, presented the new Board elected at the Annual Meeting in 2020.

    She highlighted a worrying trend being seen in the membership of the NDAs. Though the number of NDA members of ICDA has grown over the years the overall number of Dietitian-Nutritionists they represent has fallen, with more than a third (38%) reporting a reduction in their membership figures. Some of the suggested reasons given for the fall were:
    • mandatory registration costs have increased, and membership of NDAs is optional
    • NDA membership fees are high and questionably not value for money
    • Older members have left, and younger graduates are not joining
    • student membership has fallen.

    International Congress of Dietetics 2028
    The process for the selection of a host for the International Congress of Dietetics 2028 was extended due to the Covid-19 pandemic and held on-line. Nine submissions were received and four shortlisted. The shortlisted candidates presented their submissions on YouTube and were available to answer questions from members at a number of Zoom sessions.  The Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute were congratulated on being selected by the members to host ICD2028 and all the candidates thanked for their high quality, professional bid documents and videos.

    Sustainable Food Systems (SFS) Project
    Danielle Gallegos updated members on the SFS project. The vision of the project is for Dietitian-Nutritionists to bring a deep understanding of SFS into their practice and make a positive contribution to sustainability through their key role in creating healthy communities.

    The objectives are:
    •to provide accessible, relevant and transferable information on the interconnections of SFS and human health
    •to provide practical, evidenced-based tools for incorporating sustainability into dietetic practice in a diversity of roles and cultural contexts;
    •to facilitate peer-learning and collaboration to deepen understanding and support incorporation of sustainability into dietetic practice.

    The toolkit is available at or through the link on the ICDA website and includes resources, case studies, infographics, a community of practice and emerging research. There is the opportunity for professional development through learning modules and podcasts and webinars to aid integration of ideas into practice.
    The project will continue to be developed to include a wider, more diverse range of resources.

    ICDA Commission for Dietitian-Nutritionist Education and Accreditation (I-CDEA)
    I-CDEA was established in 2017 as the authorized committee of the Board for the accreditation of education programmes preparing Dietitian-Nutritionists around the world. The initial work has been developing the ICDA educational standards and putting the necessary processes and resources in place to enable accreditation.

    The ICDA Board Communication Committee has established 2 marketing subcommittees – a Social Media Team which has created an ICDA LinkedIn page www.linkedin/company/internationaldietetics and are looking at other suitable social media platforms, and an Outreach Team who are creating infographic and marketing materials. Members were encouraged to join and use the LinkedIn page. If members have any national association information to be shared on ICDA Social Media, do write to     
    All of the projects presented are ongoing and will be included in the ICDA Strategic Plan 2020 – 2024 which is being developed.

    Carole Middleton, Secretary to the ICDA Board