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  • IAAND Shifts with the World
    COVID-19 continues to dramatically affect our members through job loss, the risk from viral exposure at work and swift adaptation from in-person services to telehealth to support patients devastated by the physical and emotional impacts of the pandemic. To support our leaders and members, IAAND President Monique Richard pressed on to offer engaging webinars about functional nutrition, traditional Japanese foods, sustainable diets and a symposium on the Intersection of Culture and Nutrition that celebrated differences and highlighted IAAND members with expertise in Ayurveda and Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) from a global perspective. Be on the lookout for the recording and material of this symposium to be available soon on

    Though IAAND is geographically diverse, with leadership representing 11 countries and members in over 80 countries, IAAND has reflected upon improvements in operation and strives to be more equitable and inclusive. This year, IAAND is developing a DEI training for IAAND leaders, a DEI webinar for Sudanese dietetics students on diverse cultures, and will be dispensing Kids Eatright International mini-grants to qualified applicants to translate and test Kids Eat Right International materials into Chinese.
    IAAND Collaborates
    Developed by dedicated leaders, the E-Global Collaboration/Mentorship Program launched this summer to foster professional growth for IAAND members and interdisciplinary professionals from outside of the Academy. IAAND is also funded the Academy pilot project for the Nutrition Care Process Global Trainer program in Mexico; a webinar will present the results in July. IAAND will collaborate with the South African Dietetic Association to develop a Country Information Sheet.

    If these products and opportunities resonate with you, we encourage you to join us as a member, supporter, or subscriber and contact us at

    The Global member interest group focuses primarily in regions with few nutrition professionals. GMIG has an extensive bilingual Resource Library ( free for use around the world. Because we want to be a hub for resources, we welcome other groups to share our library and send us relevant resources to include.

    Promoting Dietitians Around the Globe
    Another goal of GMIG is to promote the use of dietitians. In many regions, they do not exist despite malnutrition being the most pressing health problem. Our Talent Pool enables members and nonmembers to search for dietitians with knowledge in geographic or areas of specific focus. We are always looking to connect our members with those in need, so please let us know of groups who could benefit from our services. 
    GMIG makes a positive impact in the world by working with other cultures to combat malnutrition. We are two years old and still growing, so please help us by sharing resources, opportunities for involvement and information about global nutrition happenings. Visit our public page and consider joining us by becoming a member of the Academy as a regular or associate member and then adding the Global Member Interest Group. Connect with us at