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  • Taiwan Dietitians in the community. What do we do?
    The health consciousness of the public is getting stronger and the health of the elderly is also highly valued, but the authenticity of online information is difficult to distinguish. The question "Where can I find a registered dietitian to tell me right from wrong?" is becoming general public's concern. By answering to these questions relate to daily lives, dietitians can interact with people in a much direct and effective way.

    Over the years, Taiwanese government has invested in the field of long-term care. Since 2017, the ministry of health and welfare has been working hard to promote the subsidy program for the disability community nutrition center. Through resource and cross-unit integration, it has provided the communities convenient, appropriate and professional nutrition services. The services include:

    Elderly nutrition screening, high-risk case management, community nutrition education promotion and activities, meal center training, community nutrition-related personnel training, healthy eating promotion and marketing, etc.
    Through enthusiastic and energetic dietitians entering the community and working with the community, nutrition knowledge and status has significantly improved. The dietitians in the community, have been significantly helpful in preventing sarcopenia, delaying disability from happening, and promoting people to practice healthy lifestyle.

    The community nutrition program is held by Taiwan Dietitian Association. Other than regular education and training programs, it also incorporates the "Community Nutrition Promotion Blueprint for the Next 5-10 Years" to improve community dietitians’ quality and professionalism.