News from The Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Annual report of the specialization groups of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

    Through our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) we aim to publicise all the work that is done at the Academy: what services we offer, training, professional documents for consultation, achievements in the profession, etc., all to improve the day-to-day running of the profession. 

    In this newsletter, we will be publishing the work carried out by the Academy's specialised groups.
    Despite the pandemic, 2020 has been a successful year for the Academy's specialization groups, not only because of the deliverables produced but also because of the new member applications and the new group created. To the 4 groups that bring together dietitians-nutritionists from the areas of food services, clinical nutrition, pediatrics and physical activity and sport, another one on food safety, nutrition and R+D+i, has joined. The new group has the mission of raising awareness on the importance of the dietitian-nutritionist’s role in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industry, as well as responding to the needs of the sector to incorporate nutrition and dietetic professionals.

    The specialization groups bring together more than 40 specialists who apply every two years through a public call in which they must accredit advanced competences and professional skills and expertise in their areas of knowledge.

    The groups organize their work in coordination with the Academy by their strategic plans following the SMART system (specific measurable, assignable, realistic, time-related), whose follow up is reviewed every two months.
    Among the outstanding deliverables are the publication of several fact sheets, abstracts submission, collaboration in interviews, the organization of the 2nd Responsible Food Forum and contribution to technical papers to help professional during the pandemic such as telenutrition.

    Here you can access all the information the specialization groups of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (ES)

    Giuseppe Russolillo Femenías, RD, PhD.
    Presidente, Academia Española de Nutrición y Dietética.