News from The Israeli Dietetic Association (ATID)
  • ATID’s First Virtual Conference
    The Israeli Dietetic Association (ATID) is committed to keeping its members abreast of up-to-date developments and exciting news in the field of dietetics and the science of nutrition. This year of unusual challenges required innovative organisation and creative solutions, resulting in ATID holding its first virtual conference on November 4 with an attendance of over 540 dietitians. 

    15 different presenters shed light on the broad and varied spectrum of work in the dietetic field, both in Israel and the world. Lectures covered a wide variety of topics. Dietitian and physiologist Guy Shalmon provided a fascinating look into the storytelling ability of bones. Using evidence gathered from skeletons, teeth and mummified bodies he discussed how the agricultural revolution that took place around 15,000 years ago led to fundamental changes in nutrition, lifestyle, chronic diseases and health-related dilemmas that need to be dealt with in today’s world. Dietitian and physiologist Sivan Abot-Barkan addressed the close relationship between sleep and obesity, and how simple steps can improve our sleep and lead to healthier lives. Participating dietitians were further intrigued by Prof. Ronit Machtinger’s lecture on the presence of phthalates in our immediate environment and how they can consequently have an effect on the success of IVF treatments. And one cannot ignore the hot topic currently attracting attention – Nutri-Corona! Dr. Ronit Inbar discussed the central nutritional aspects involved in the fight against the Coronavirus and presented the Israel Ministry of Health’s new guidelines regarding vitamin D supplementation during this period.

    To the delight of the organisers, who laboured to ensure smooth operation of the event, the conference was hailed a great success and was highly praised by all involved. All the lectures were pre-filmed in a professional studio to the highest audio-visual quality and were screened consecutively with built-in break periods in a specially designed graphic format. A chat window was available during each lecture, giving participants the opportunity to ask questions which were later answered via email. Each lecture lasted between 20 and 30 minutes and was available online for future viewing for two weeks following the conference.

    Luba Plotkin
    Vice President, Israeli Dietetic Association