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  • 2021 Dietitians Australia Membership Renewals
    Dietitians Australia’s membership renewals campaign kicked off during December 2020 and runs until the end of February 2021.

    The process of renewing has evolved this year to be quicker and more convenient to aid busy members. Additionally, to support the membership during COVID-19, Dietitians Australia have waved additional administration fees and maintained the price of membership to be the same as 2020.

    Members living and working overseas are reminded to renew their Affiliate or Overseas membership by Sunday 28 February 2021 AEDT.

    Supporting our members

    Evergreen courses:
    We are continuing to offer a variety of online continuing professional development for our members through our Centre for Advanced Learning (CAL). Most notably, we currently have four Evergreen courses which are always available for members to access. Once they have completed the course, members have ongoing access to the learning material.  

    Courses currently available include Type 1 Diabetes Management for Dietitians, Clinical Dietetics for Bariatric Surgery, Translating the Aged Care Quality Standards, and Nutrition Support for Critical Care. We are also excited to be introducing four new Evergreen courses very soon. These will be Psychology of Eating, Weight and Body Image, Renal Nutrition for Dietitians, Gastrointestinal Nutrition for Dietitians, and Food Service Management for Dietitians.  Each course has learning outcomes, and can be completed in as much or as little time as a participant would like to take. Those who complete the course receive a professional certificate and ongoing access to the learning materials so they can refresh their knowledge at any time.
    Dietitians Week and Dietitians Day
    From 22 – 28 March 2021, Australia’s Accredited Practising Dietitians (APDs) will make as much noise as they can to promote and celebrate the benefits dietitians bring to communities and workplaces, nation-wide and overseas. 
    In 2021, APDs are encouraged to promote the work that they do as the go-to professionals for an informed take on nutrition. APDs can adapt their message to their audience as required, and may choose to make some noise via an event, presentation, activity, advocacy or form of promotion to meet their own professional needs.

    Australia’s Dietitians Day will also now be celebrated as a part of the week on 26 March 2021. On this day, APDs will be encouraged to make some noise by celebrating their achievements or those of extraordinary dietitians around them!

    Through a range of activities and events around the country, our collective voice will help raise awareness of the essential support APDs can provide when nutrition is prioritised.
    Advocacy Update

    We have continued work in our three advocacy priority areas. The following video is an update from our Senior Dietetic Advisor, Simone Austin, about Dietitians Australia's recent advocacy activities. Watch here:
    Mental Health
    • We have nearly completed a briefing paper ready to commence work on Dietitians Australia Position Statement and Paper on Mental Health.
    • The Federal Government announced a new campaign, the “How’s Your Head Today?” campaign, in response to COVID-19. It aims to help Australians prioritise their mental health, raise awareness about how to identify when something is wrong. Dietitians Australia wrote to the Minister for health, immediately to remind him of the important role nutrition and dietitians play in mental health and to offer assistance to ensure nutrition is highlighted in the campaign.
    • We have nearly completed a briefing paper ready to commence work on Dietitians Australia Position Statement on Disability.
    •  A project team has been established to lead the review of Dietitians Australia accessibility and inclusion practices, and development of an accessibility and inclusion policy.  A briefing paper will be prepared and shared with the Board.
    • In response to the Government Royal Commission into Disability Dietitians Australia’s 4th submission has been finalised along with a media release on week of 9 November.
    Aged Care:
    • Currently preparing a response to the Counsel Assisting’s recommendations to the Government’s Aged Care Royal Commission.
    • A series of Position Statements on agenda topics to be discussed at the Maggie Beer Foundation Congress in February 2021 have been prepared covering a range of topics relevant to nutrition in aged care.
    Food & Environment
    • Healthy and environmentally sustainable diets brief has been completed with work commenced on developing Dietitians Australia’s position Paper and Statement.
    Hannah Ovens-Henig

    Dietitians Australia