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Les Diéteticiens
  • Do you want dietitians to step in the light? Start with a new graphical charter
    Belgium, a small country of 11,000,000 inhabitants, has 3 regions: Walloon (where French is spoken), Flemish (where Dutch is spoken), German-speaking (where German is spoken). It has 2 national associations of dietitians: the VBVD (Vlaamse BeroepsVereniging of Diëtisten) and the UPDLF Union Professionnelle des Diététiciens de Langue Française (Professional Union of French-speaking Dietitians).
    The two dietitians’ associations have forged close ties and collaborate together on many issues of national significance. For the rest, each association evolves freely.
    Hostess: "Who do I announce is here?" "
    Dietitian-nutritionists: "The UPDLF"
    Hostess: "Sorry, can you repeat it?" "
    Dietitian-nutritionists: "The Professional Union of French-Speaking Dietitians"
    Hostess: " Ah. Very good "
    That was how we were greeted in the office of the web-designer we chose to entrust the redesign of our website. The hostess then stammered to our host's attention: "Your appointment is here.  They are French speaking… "
    At the time, it made us laugh.

    The web-designer kindly shared his thoughts with us: “The UPDLF, other than dietitians who are members of your association, it doesn't speak to anyone. Neither health professionals, nor the general public, nor the media, nor government departments. This is your biggest handicap when it comes to visibility.
    If it makes sense to overhaul your website and make it more current, livelier and more accessible using all your materials, the first thing to do would be to rework your name and logo ".
    “Just tell me, who are you?” We answered in chorus: "We are Dietitians".
    Our new graphic charter was born. From May 2020, even if in the official documents “the Professional Union of French-Language Dietitians” would keep its place, everywhere else and for everyone, especially in our letters and various publications as well as on social networks, we would be "the Dietitians".
    New site? Start from a blank sheet of paper to build another scenario
    Apart from the budget to be foreseen for its realization, designing a new website requires clearing the old one and asking ourselves, as a priority, what is expected of this new website, and also, what we do no longer want to find there. Answering them requires asking more specific questions, such as the following:
    a. What is someone looking for when they visit our website?
    i. A directory, the contact details of a dietitians
    ii. Information relating to the fields of activity of dietitians
    iii. Thematic publications
    b. What is a dietitian looking for on our website?
    i. Contact details of a dietitian.
    ii. Details of affiliation.
    iii. Tools, articles, information related to upcoming events.
    iv. Information about the association and what is its purpose.
    v. Details on the fields of activity of dietitians and on specialty groups of dietitians.
    vi. Information on job offers.
    c. How can we make our site more attractive to the public, and to dietitians?
    i. By improving accessibility and readability from any computer equipment (PC, Iphone, Ipad, tablet, etc.).
    ii. By updating the content, requiring the rewrite of all pages.
    iii. By a judicious choice of illustrations related to the content.
    iv. Through various tools (testimonials, videos, infographics, etc.)
    d. How to optimize the search for information?
    i. Through a clear tree structure to be designed.
    ii. By updating the content of the pages.
    e. What do we want to highlight?
    i.   Board members and members of the association
    ii. The association's missions and the way in which the projects are structured      and conducted.
    iii. The areas of activity of the dietitian, based on the profiles and missions of dietitians in these different areas (Catering, Hospital, elderly homes, Public health, etc.).
    iv. Groups of dietitians, experts specializing in themes such as Diabetes, Geriatrics, Nephrology, Oncology, Psychiatry, etc. Each group must have a space on the website where they can explain their objectives, present the work done or to come, publish videos, present certain tools designed by its members.
    v. Information material developed by the association and made available to dietitians or the public, such as thematic brochures.
    vi. An agenda of all events (congresses, conferences, formations, campaigns) related to dietetics and nutrition.
    vii. The formations that we, dietitians, offer to dietitians but also to other target audiences
    viii. Our partners (associations of dietitians, scientific societies, ministries, etc.)

    Even though we still have to solve some back-office issues related to the database, after more than 9 months of work, our brand-new website is now operational. It went live early this year and we are incredibly happy with it. Do not hesitate to visit it and let us know what you think:

    www.lesdieteticiens.be ! Who knows, it might help you design your own!
    Hélène LEJEUNE,
    President of the UPDLF (Belgian French-speaking association of dietitians)