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  • Creating Whirlwinds of Knowledge – an offering in tune with the Indian Dietetics Day theme for 2020 - Reaching the Unreached.

    India stands on the threshold of health and looks forward to striking the balance between the depths of health challenges and the lamp of wellbeing.

    Indian Dietetics Association has offered a strong support relentlessly working Nationally with a number of Government of India Initiatives  – The National Nutrition Mission, The Eat Right India Initiative, NetProfan,  IDA-FSSAI Collaboration- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, to make India a country where health is a mission and vitality, a golden goal. Indian Dietetic Association has worked closely with Food Standards and Safety Authority of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to create a number of resources of evidence-based knowledge available to people at large in COVID TIME. Some of the resources created include Purple Book – A Handbook on Diets for Diseases; Eat Right During COVID 19; Eat Right – A Food Systems Approach.            

    In addition, a series of Infographics and factsheets are made available on IDA website for people at large

    Initiatives for sustainable solutions for community health awareness through the National Nutrition Month celebrations- September, 2020
    National Nutrition Month or Poshan Maah, was celebrated (with social distancing) through September 2020 under the Government of India’s guidelines on two themes -  Identification and tracking of children with Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) and promotion of kitchen gardens (Poshan ke liye Paudhe). Theme based activities to create a sustainable change included 80 webinars, online training, poster and recipe competitions and print and social media engagement. The challenge of social distancing was turned into an online education opportunity to spread knowledge through the 25 chapters and 17,000 members to create awareness about malnutrition in the first 1000 days of life and encourage the practice of kitchen gardening.

    Education Initiatives in the year 2019-2020 for the members of the Indian Dietetic Association to create scientific temper in the fraternity.

    The Triple T (TTT) - Train the Trainer, an initiative by Registered Dietitian (RD) Board and Education – Research – Training Committee, is specifically designed for RD trainers to gain knowledge and standardize training across the country. The series began in August 2020 with a session on Nutritional Care Process - Customizations to Indian clinical settings by Dr. Esther Myers from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics USA. From sensitization and adoption of global standards of Food safety, Food Hygiene in hospitals to  Community based  nutritional screening ; from developing informatics technology to creating robust nutrition education tools; from assessment to research competency development and an insight into advancements in the field,  TTT aims to foster an array of cutting edge areas in dietetic care with more than 500 participants in each session.


    UJJWAL – The training initiative for the aspiring Registered Dietitian (RD) and the dietetic professional.
    The RD qualifying process and assessment in India is of high standards and maximal support to interns with regards to education, training, practice opportunities and resources have helped chisel competencies both in their dietetics practice and RD exam preparation. The online platforms  has helped reach even remote parts of the country with limited resources. The modules include – Orientation Program, case study series discussion with experienced clinical dietitians, Refresher course for RD Examination.

    Subject Interest Groups (SIG): IDA has constituted a novel approach to disseminate emerging concepts, research and practice advancement in special niche areas in Dietetics – though institution of SIG. Disseminating Evidence-based Practices, this dynamic communication and knowledge sharing touch point works with 9 key areas - Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, Critical Care Nutrition, Renal Nutrition, Onco- Nutrition, Women’s Health, Sports Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness Nutrition, and Public Health Nutrition.
    This is being achieved through collaboration with Pan India Specialized Experts from 25 IDA Chapters and Academic, Medical and Health Care Organizations.

    The Journal of the Indian Dietetic Association (JIDA), endeavours to promote exchange of information and ideas for the advancement of research, education and development of various aspects of dietetics including original research papers, reviews and case studies. JIDA is working towards the goal of an online journal with open access for its quality reach globally.
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