ICDA Board of Directors
  • Introducing the new ICDA Board of Directors
    At the September 2020 Annual General Meeting of Members, a new slate of Directors for the International Confederation of Dietetic Associations was approved. 
    Serving as your Board of Directors for the next two years will be:

    • Giuseppe Russolillo, Spain
    • Carole Middleton, United Kingdom
    • Danielle Gallegos, Australia
    • Teiji Nakamura, Japan
    • Elizabeth Solis Perez, Mexico
    • Judith Rodriguez, United States of America
    • Corinne Eisenbraun, Canada
    The current Board of Directors would like to extend our deepest thanks to outgoing Board members Tatsushi Komatsu (Japan) and Sheela Krishnaswamy (India) for their dedicated services to ICDA and the Board between 2016 – 2020. Their expertise and professionalism will be deeply missed.

    The normal term of office for all Directors is 4 years however, as per the bylaw change approved at the 2020 Annual General Meeting, Directors elected in 2020 will select from amongst themselves 3 who will serve for a two-year term (with the option to stand for re-election in 2022) and who will serve for 4 years. This change was introduced to support improved Board continuity and succession planning. This is a one-time only event and terms as of 2022 will again be 4-year terms, with ½ of the Board being re-elected every two years.  Those members of the current Board who will serve only 2 years will be announced in a future newsletter. 
    Board leadership on key priorities will continue, with the following individuals taking lead:
    • Giuseppe Russolillo has agreed to continue as Board Chair and as the Board link with the South Africa Organising Committee for ICD2021.
    • Carole Middleton will continue as Board Secretary.
    • Judith Rodriguez has agreed to continue as Chair of the Board Communications Committee.
    • Danielle Gallegos has agreed to work with Sheela Krishnaswamy in the transition of the work related to Sustainable Food Systems.
    • Corinne Eisenbraun has agreed to become the Board link with the Editor of the Dietetics and Nutrition Around the World Newsletter, Chika Ndiokwelu.

    It was with deep sadness that the Board also received the resignation of long time ICDA Leader Sandra Capra as the Executive Director of the ICDA Commission for Dietitian-Nutritionist Education and Accreditation (I-CDEA). It was agreed that this was an important area of work for ICDA and that a new Executive Director should be appointed as soon as possible. The Board will be developing a transparent process and criteria for the appointment, which will be announced soon. 

    In the interim, we are pleased to say that Elizabeth Solis Perez has agreed to continue as the Board lead for this project.
    Members of ICDA are always encouraged to reach out to the ICDA Board of Directors with questions, comments or suggestions through contact with the office of the Secretariat:ICDA@internationaldietetics.org and watch for more information in the DNAW newsletter.