News from Dietitians Association of Australia
    Supporting members and advocating for dietetic jobs in Aged Care

    On 1 July 2019, new Aged Care Quality Standards were introduced in Australia, providing an opportunity for DAA to support members working in this space. To help dietitians understand their role in meeting the new Quality Standards, DAA developed an online webinar series, Translating the Aged Care Quality Standards. Delivered through our Centre for Advanced Learning, it also includes exploration of how dietitians can advocate for improved food and nutrition processes through practical case studies and information.
    The commencement of the National Aged Care Mandatory  Quality Indicator Program, which includes reporting of unplanned weight loss in residential aged care, provides opportunity for DAA to raise awareness and influence stakeholders to act on malnutrition. To advocate for the importance of good nutrition and the role of dietitians, our Chief Executive Officer and Executive Manager, Policy & Professional Services met with the peak body for service providers in aged care, Aged and Community Services Australia. We discussed ways that DAA could work with their organisation, such as developing a template for a food and nutrition policy to be used by aged care providers. We have also just completed a submission to the Royal Commission into Aged Care relating to Program Design.
    Supporting members at a grass roots level will help drive greater involvement by dietitians, which is needed to decrease the prevalence of malnutrition in our aging population. In Australia, dietitians generally act as consultants to service providers in aged care. Having the tools to work efficiently with this population can support dietitians to realise opportunities available. DAA is undertaking a project to update and extend our Menu Audit Tool, to assist dietitians in the assessment of food and nutrition systems, then make recommendations to inform improvements to aged care service providers.
    DAA remains active in the Aged Care space while we wait for findings to be handed down from last year’s Aged Care Royal Commission. We continue to look for ways to improve the health and wellbeing of older Australians and to increase employment opportunities for dietitians.

    DAA Member achievements
    WHO intern appointment:

    It is exciting times for DAA, one of our members, Joyce Haddad, APD has been appointed as an intern for the World Health Organisation (WHO). In February, Joyce will relocate to WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland for an 18-week internship within the WHO Department of Nutrition for Health and Development. Joyce is looking forward to contributing to projects with global impact and influence, to better the health of the population. We wish Joyce the best with her internship!
    Australia Day accolades:
    As a part of recent Australia Day celebrations on 26 January, it was great to see several dietitians recognised for their outstanding contribution within their communities. DAA congratulates the following dietitians on their achievements:
    DAA Fellow, Professor Peter Williams OAM, recipient of a Medal of the Order of Australia
    Dr Megan Rossi, named as the Young Australian Achiever of the Year in the UK
    APD Jennifer Ellick recipient of an Australia Day Achievement Award from Metro North Hospital and Health Service (Queensland) 
    APD Eden Barrett, recipient of the Young Australian Women Students of Achievement Award (New South Wales)