News from The Taiwan Dietitian Association

  • The aggravating ageing population is a common global phenomenon. Taiwan has the second fastest growing aging population in the world. Long term care health system is one of the most important welfare policies of the Taiwan government. In response to the aging population, the extension of Healthy Life Expectancy (HALE) is the main goal of the policy and improving nutrition status is an extremely crucial step. In order to reach the goal, Taiwan launched the community nutrition education counselling program in 2017, and has selected three cities for test runs. 

    Taiwan Dietitian Association is responsible for the program development and implementation. In 2017, they have accomplished the following: 
    1. Established community nutrition promotion centres in three cities.
    2. Handled community RD education and training courses to enhance core competence.
    3. Completed the “Community Nutrition Promotion Handbook” and developed assessment indicators to analyse the program effectiveness.

    Due to the excellent response from the community, Taiwan Dietitian Association was assigned to continue hosting, promoting and expanding the national program for 2018 and 2019. Within these two years, they have: 
    1. Established a community nutrition promotion centre in each county and city to create a friendly and healthy eating environment for the community.
    2. Handled advanced education and training courses for community dietitians and continuously improving core competencies and skills.
    3. Completed the “Handbook for the Maintenance of Nutritional Care in Disability Community” and prepared a “Handbook for Nutritional Care for Delayed Disability Community” according to the training targets, and conducted on-the-spot assessment, counselling and evaluation.
    In addition to developing the care model, ensured consistent service quality and resource development.
    RD (at the left) designed board games to play with residents in the community.

    we also have also, established a preventive and delayed disability care service system for the local population’s nutritional needs, and lead the community to work together for the neighbourhood residents and for the elderly. Together, we have worked hard for a everyone’s healthy life.

    Sarah Wu, MS, RD, CNSC
    Secretary of International Affairs, Taiwan Dietitian Association