News from The Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS) 
  • PNDS March Nutrition Month Activities:                          
    Every year in March, Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS) organize Nutrition Month with various activities to provide nutrition related information and guidance to the public. This year’s theme which was “Food for Health”, focused on public awareness activities in relation to nutrition and health promotion messages to the public, through a media press conference and walk at Press Club. PNDS members participated in the campaign with great enthusiasm by organizing various public awareness activities during the month of March at all PNDS chapters in Islamabad, Lahore and Faisalabad.
    A Press conference was organized on 21st March by PNDS at Press Club Karachi where PNDS spokes persons Dr. Nilofer F.Safdar, Fayza Khan, Rabia Anwer, Mozamila Mughat, Saima Rasheed and Shabnum Razi highlighted the role of nutrition in health and disease. Nutrition and dietetic professionals gathered at Karachi press club carrying slogans to promote healthy eating and physical activity.


     Another goal, was to raise awareness and draw attention of government to assist in establishment of a National Nutrition and Dietetic Council which will help the government in making policy, standardize and regulate nutrition and dietetic education programs. 
    Some of the agenda points were: 
    • Media should ensure that nutrition advice is given only by qualified, registered and trained nutritionists/dietitians and not by non-technical persons that is often incorrect and misleading general public.
    • Nutrition and dietetic qualified professionals should be employed to teach nutrition and dietetic programs running in the country instead of non-technical personnel or people from other disciplines.
    • Positions for dietitians and nutritionists should be created in government hospitals for grade 17 or equivalent, and 17 grade in private hospitals.
    • Number of dietitians per hospital or per department of any institution/organization should be increased based on the needs.
    During the month of March various public awareness sessions and panel discussion to address food related controversies focusing on, Oils, Milk, broiler chicken and MSG were conducted which was attended by PNDS members as well as general public.
    Fayza Khan, 
    Immediate Past President, Current PR Chair, PNDS