News from the Norwegian Association of Clinical Dietitians

  • The first national celebration of Norwegian Registered Dietitians!  

    Authorised clinical dietitians is a rapidly growing group of a fairly new profession in the Norwegian Health Care System (NHCS), and in private industry. The Norwegian Association of Clinical Dietitians affiliated with The Norwegian Association of Researchers has almost reached 600 members, which is a great increase from 20/25 members in the mid –80's. 
    In September 2019 it was about time we put the spotlight on our profession and the great work our members are doing for the inhabitants of our country. With the goal to inspire, celebrate and show the Norwegian people what we do, we thought it was about time to introduce a “National day for clinical dietitians”. With great effort from the board and our members, in both the smaller and larger parts of our country, we held our first celebration the 4th of September 2019. Numerous pictures, stands, blog-posts and “insta-take-overs” coloured the Internet, with special emphasize on Social Media. The diversity of our work truly came out, and several dietitians used the opportunity to spread information about the importance of good and healthy nutrition.
    The National Associations for Dietetics in our neighbouring Nordic Countries forwarded their kind greetings, and The British Dietetic Association (BDA) was kind enough to let us translate some of their factsheets to Norwegian. This was very well received as new and fresh input to our work – thank you!  All the way from Australia KEFF even got a special offer to follow the Monash University’s Low-FODMAP online course, which we chose to offer as a gift to our members on our National day for clinical dietitians. 
     We can`t wait for next year and hope that our members, and all of you out there, remember to celebrate the great work that is being done, and continue to inspire both each other, decision makers, politicians, other health profession and also, the inhabitants of our countries!  

    Happy dietitians (day)! 
    Hilde NordgÄrd
    Organizational Secretary