ICDA Board of Directors
  • New Chair of the Board of Directors
    At the ICDA Board Meeting of 27th June 2019, Marsha Sharp who has served as the Chair of the Board of Directors of ICDA from 2016 to 2019 stepped down from her role as Chair, Board of Directors and Member Representative for Dietitians of Canada. This is part of a planned transition and implementation of a succession plan for the Board and smooth transition of responsibilities. ICDA is grateful to Marsha Sharp for her leadership of ICDA and immense contribution to the organization by her tireless work for almost two decades.  Giuseppe Russolillo has been appointed by the Board as the next Chair till 2020.
    New Board of Director, ICDA 
    The Board appointed a new Board Director, Ms. Corinne Eisenbraun, Member Representative for Dietitians of Canada to complete the term vacated by Marsha Sharp, until the September 2020 Annual General Meeting of Members."

    Change of name of ICDA newsletter
    At the recently held ICDA Board meeting, it was decided to change the name of ICDA newsletter, Dietetics Around the World (DAW) to Dietetics and Nutrition Around the World (DNAW). This change is with effect from November 2019 issue of the newsletter.
    The ICDA Board expressed gratitude to the Newsletter Editor – Chika Ndiokwelu for editing and managing the newsletters well for the past 3 years and would want her to continue to do so till 2020.  The Board would be happy for her to continue as the Editor of DNAW for the next tenure too (2020 to 2024).  Chika has accepted the offer with gratitude.