Encomiums for Marsha Sharp - from fellow ICDA directors
  • Carole Middleton -
    I have known Marsha for all the time I have been involved in ICDA, as she was already on the Board of Directors when I joined in 2004.
    Marsha has contributed enormously to the profession over the years, striving to create a global network of Dietitian-Nutritionists. She was instrumental in the creation of ICDA in its current form and has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of the organisation, dietetics and Dietitian-Nutritionists. Under her leadership ICDA has become the constituted, professionally organised body which it is today.

    Since taking over as Secretary to the Board of Directors I have realised how much behind the scenes work is needed to keep ICDA functioning and have the greatest admiration and respect for Marsha undertaking that role formally for 16 years alongside her day job, and informally for a number of years before that, when the main function of ICDA was to oversee the International Congress of Dietetics every 4 years.
    I think Marsha has earned her retirement and I wish her every happiness and success in her next ventures.
    Carole Middleton
    Director, ICDA 2004 – 2020
    Secretary to the Board of Directors 2016 - 2020
    British Dietetic Association

    Judith Rodriguez -
    We have many reasons to thank Marsha Sharp. The International Confederation of Dietetic Associations has grown to be a recognized and respected association that supports national organizations of professional dietitians and nutritionists and their members. Marsha Sharp, who served as a Chairperson of the ICDA and representative for the Dietitians of Canada has been a leader in the development and progress of ICDA. We are inspired and hopeful because her work and dedication have prepared the ICDA members and Board to continue to work to strengthen our organizations, their members and, internationally, the profession. Thank you, Marsha, and best wishes as you move to the next phase of your life.
    Judith Rodriguez
    Director, ICDA Board 
    Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (U.S.A)

    Sheela Krishnaswamy -
    I have had the pleasure of working with Marsha Sharp on the ICDA Board from 2008 to 2012 and again from 2016 to 2019.  
    My heartfelt thanks to Marsha for her enormous contribution to ICDA for several decades.  Her tireless work, her organised way of functioning, her friendship with the fellow Board members, her perfect way of documenting all information, her soft-spoken diplomatic approach, and her many great qualities will always be remembered.  I’m truly happy to have worked with Marsha and learnt some things from her.
    Thank you, Marsha.  Wish you the best, always!  
    Sheela Krishnaswamy, RD
    Director, ICDA Board 
    Indian Dietetic Association
    Elizabeth Solis Perez, NC -
    "Our gratitude and appreciation to Marsha Sharp for her contribution throughout the history of ICDA in the benefit of nutritionists worldwide. We wish you the best of success in your new ventures ..."
    Elizabeth Solís Pérez NC, PhD
    Director, ICDA Board 
    Mexican College of Dietitians

    Giuseppe Russolillo –
    Marsha, one always learns by your side.
    Without a doubt, today, the profession is more united thanks to your work and dedication with much affection to the profession around the World.
    I'll never forget you.
    Giuseppe Russolillo 
    Director & Chair, ICDA Board
    Spanish Foundation of Nutritionists-Dietitians