News from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic
  • No matter where you live, access to nutrition and dietetics research, information and networking through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is available at your fingertips at The Academy has developed a Global Evidence Based Nutrition Care Process (NCP) Train-the-Trainer program to address the need for high quality NCP training around the globe that weaves in evidence-based recommendations.

    Nutrition Care Process
    The Nutrition Care Process (NCP) has been adopted by dietitians around the world as a framework for practice and documentation for over ten years since the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics’ first launch. In addition, the recently updated eNCPT: Nutrition Care Process Terminology Reference Manual is available in a variety of language translations. The implementation of the NCP has been growing with information around the world highlighting the needs for standardized NCP training that goes beyond the competencies achieved during university education. Along with the advancement of the NCP, the Academy has also been invested since 2004 through the Evidence Analysis Library in developing Evidence Based Nutrition Guidelines. The EAL guidelines reflect the weight of the evidence that dietitians should be using in their practice. There is a multitude of nutrition related systematic reviews and guidelines that are available online and in peer reviewed publications.  In recent years, guidelines have been developed in collaboration with international stakeholder organizations and with active patient representation. To address the need for high quality NCP training that weaves in evidence-based recommendations, the Academy has developed a Global Evidence Based NCP Train-the-Trainer program. The aim is to build capacity with certified trainers to provide NCP trainings around the globe. For more information on state of the art Evidence Based NCP workshops, please contact  
    The following additional information and networking is available through the Academy.
    Evidence Analysis Library®
    This web-based research database can help you find answers, research articles and evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines to help you get ahead in your research or your assignments.
    Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
    This monthly, peer-reviewed Journal presents original articles prepared by researchers and practitioners and can beaccessed online as well as through iOS and Android apps.

    News from International Affiliate of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (IAAND)

    The IAAND is an affiliate of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics focusing specifically on Academy members who live and work outside the United States. 
    Country Representative (CR) Program
    One of the unique features of the IAAND is the Country Representative (CR) program.  It is important to have a way for reaching out and getting feedback regarding the cultural and practice differences between countries and identifying local members’ professional interests and needs.  A volunteer is appointed to be the Country Representative. One of the major contributions of the Country Representatives is the development of a “country information sheet” which is posted on IAAND’s website ( 
    The country information sheets include the following information:
    • National Dietetic Associations
    • National Nutrition Programs and Projects
    • Organizations working on Health and Nutrition
    • Training /Education of Dietitians
    • Description of the National Healthcare System and Practice
    • Employment Opportunities Profile
    • Obtaining Work Permits
    • Local Food Customs and Culture
    • Volunteer opportunities
    IAAND also has other benefits such as the IAAND Project Award (click here for details), the Middle East Dietetics Needs Assessment (MEDNA) project (both funded through the Academy Foundation), providing support for an Academy Diversity project -  “Tip Sheets for Assessing Food and Nutrition History of Diverse Populations”, and Kids Eatright International. For more information, please visit the IAAND website at and click on IAAND Initiatives.
    Apply for Academy membership by completing an International Membership Application and International Verification Form and returning it to the Academy with payment.