News from the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA)
  • Winning the bid for ACD 2026
    In a toughly fought contest, IDA clinched the bid to host the Asian Congress of Dietetics (ACD) in 2026, based on the presentation made by our members at the ACD 2018 Hong Kong meeting. This is the first time that IDA won the bid to host this prestigious event.
    Position Paper on Fiber
    Considering the important role that fiber plays both in the prevention of chronic diseases, as well as in treatment, as an adjunct, IDA took on the task of bringing out its first Position Paper entitled ‘Dietary Fibre and Health’ in December 2018. This Position Paper shall serve as a valuable resource for dietetic professionals and academics. The Position paper is available on the official IDA website
    Allied Healthcare Professionals Bill
    In a very significant step, the Allied Healthcare Professionals Bill 2018 was introduced and passed by the Upper House (Rajya Sabha) of the Indian Parliament. This bill aims to regulate and maintain standards of education and practice for Health Care Professionals (HCP). Currently the dietetics practice in our country falls in the unregulated sector which gives space for quackery and misleading information being perpetuated. This important step will lead to authentic and professional practice of nutrition and dietetics in our country.
    IDACON 2018
    The 51st Annual Conference of the Association (IDACON 2018) was organized in the city of Indore in the month of October. The conference saw the involvement of dietetic professionals and academics from all over the country. The policy makers of our country also participated in this conference which was a step towards the integration of dietitians into policy making forums.
    Highlights from IDA state chapters
    The 24 state level chapters of IDA held programs through the year both in the realm of public health and clinical practice. This included the Dietetics Day celebrated on the 10th of January and the theme for 2019 was ‘Anemia Mukt Bharat’ which translates as ‘Anemia-free India.’

    Swasth Bharat Yatra
    The Swasth Bharat Yatra, a pan India cycle rally, was a nationwide campaign initiated by FSSAI (Food Safety & Standards Authority of India), India’s Food Safety regulator. IDA was a professional partner and an important stakeholder in this campaign. The theme of the movement was ‘Eat Right India’ -so as to get people to eat healthy, eat safe, eat fortified and to minimize food waste. The basic philosophy of this movement stems from Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings that health is real wealth. The various chapters of IDA participated actively to spread awareness throughout the country.Likewise, at the Eat Right Mela (Festival), IDA was one of the professional partner organizations and conducted nutrition and wellnessquiz for the large audience.
    Key participant of a national initiative by FSSAI
    IDA has been invited by FSSAI to participate and lend its weight to the national campaign which would help people of India eat right and stay healthy. The initiative titled NetProFan (Network of Professionals in Food and Nutrition) brings together 6 national level associations which met on 23rd March 2019 to chart the way forward.

    Media and Communications
    Besides the IDA journal, JIDA(Journal of The Indian Dietetic Association), IDA’s official website, bi-annual newsletter, Facebook page have helped IDA gain better visibility around the world.

    New Executive team takes charge Jan 2019 - December 2021
    The elections for the national executive committee of IDA was conducted successfully and the new team has taken over in 2019 January for a period of 3 years.
    Media & Communications Committee
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