News from Hungarian Dietetic Association
  • Nutrition and Hydration Week,
    We celebrated our 5th Nutrition & Hydration Week this year. We have so many special memories, our very first tea party was in a nursing home and in the afternoon, at the Institute for Adult Blind People. In the past few years, our message reached every generation, old and young.
    This time, we decided to focus all of our resources on a Facebook campaign in order to maximize the outreach of the project and therefore, had only a small tea party in our own office. On the week commencing 11th March we posted every day on our Facebook page, creating 6 eye-catching posters on different topics about importance of nutrition and hydration. Please find them below in Hungarian. In addition we sent out a press release about our Nutrition & HydrationWeek on the7th of March.
    Campaign results: Key messages and visuals:

    Fig. 1: We promoted dietitians: 61% of people surveyed know who a dietitian is, but only 21% seek their advice.

    Fig. 2: How to get 4 daily servings of fruit and vegs: (according to Hungarian recommendations) only 5% of the population managing to meet the target
    Fig. 3: Tea Party at the Hungarian Dietetic Association
    Keep hydrated Stay Hydrated:

    Fig.4: Swap your food or drink and improve your diet: 10 tips on how to cut. Based on our survey the fluid intake in 4 out 10 adults is insufficient.

    Fig. 5: Use herbs and spices, widen your knowledge about them:
    Be a master chef and reduce your salt intake.

    Fig. 6: Enjoy your vegetables: Veggie cooking time to boil, steam, or microwave

    Fig. 7: Portion size guide for a balanced diet

    It was a great experience to have taken part in Nutrition and Hydration Week in 2019. We hope to see you again next year.

    Jolán Kubányi