News from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • The Academy’s Nutrition Care Process (NCP) goes to the University of Monterey 

    The interest in the NCP/NCPT (NCP/Nutrition Care Process Terminology) continues to grow and countries who are looking to adopt the NCP/NCPT frequently reach out to the Academy to inquire about NCP/NCPT training. The Nutrition Care Process Model (NCPM) and its supporting NCP/NCPT terminology have been used and adopted in various countries across the globe, since its official launch by the Academy.  Recently, a team of Academy trainers were invited by the University of Monterey, Mexico to provide experiential training to 20 highly engaged nutrition/dietetics professors from several universities in Mexico. The training focused on the revision of the NCP Model, and the optimal application of the NCPT in conjunction with the Evidence Based Nutrition Practice Guidelines (EBNPGs) of the Academy’s Evidence Analysis Library (EAL). The Academy has translated key evidence based guidelines in Spanish and attendees of the workshop received and used these translated materials as part of the experience. 

    The enthusiastic nutrition professors from Mexico critically analyzed and discussed a collection of case studies and learned how to document cases in ANDHII (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Health Informatics Infrastructure). ANDHII is an innovative web based platform that facilitates the entry of cases using the NCPT. Aggregation of data in ANDHII makes possible the tracking of outcomes in individuals, and groups of individuals. Since the training at the University of Monterey, dietitians in Mexico have been collaborating with the Academy, and working across the country to bring the NCP/NCPT into the classroom, dietetic internships, and real life practice. 

    Guatemala Research Projects and Foundation Fellowship

    In November 2018, Academy representatives and RDNs, Beth Jimenez, Gaby Proaño and Jen Brewer, met with staff from Wuqu’ Kawoq/Maya Health Alliance (MHA) in Tecpán Guatemala to discuss the study protocol and data collection methods for a research project aimed at evaluating the effects of a family garden intervention in rural Guatemala. The Academy’s Nutrition Research Network [NRN] of the Academy’s Research, International and Scientific Affairs [RISA] Team and an Academy Foundation Applied Global Research Fellow, Stephen Alajajian, are participating in the planning and implementation of this study. 


    Pictured- Beth Jimenez (Director, Academy’s NRN) and Gaby Proaño (Research Project Manager, Academy’s RISA Team), Andrea Guzmán Abril (Nutritionist, MHA), and Jen Brewer (Co-Founder, Academy’s Global Member Interest Group)

    Pictured- Academy representatives, Foundation Fellow, and MHA Staff visiting a test garden

    In November 2018, Academy representatives (Beth Jimenez and Gaby Proaño) attended the launch of Conectate Guate, a mapping project to identify and connect organizations delivering chronic malnutrition interventions in Guatemala.  The mapping project was initially a collaborative effort of the Conectate Guate Consortium, which included the Academy Foundation, MHA, Duke Center for International Development, and local organization FUNDEGUA. The Academy’s RISA Team, including the NRN and the Evidence Analysis Center, also provided support for the project. Guatemalan government agency (Secretariat of Food and Nutritional Security (SESAN)) was also present at the launch event and have committee to updating the map in the future. Academy staff and the Foundation’s Duke Center for International Development Malnutrition Fellow, Alice Figueroa, presented during the launch of Conectate Guate and participated in roundtable discussion with national and local level stakeholders of next steps for the project.