News from the Board of Directors
  • The ICDA Commission for Dietitian-Nutritionist Education and Accreditation (I-CDEA) has been progressing on work to establish a business model and the operational and administrative processes that need to be put in place for implementation of this important ICDA accreditation project.  There has been a workshop for the core group and new Reviewers, revising the original Accreditation Process and documentation, taking into account the experience and learning from the first successful pilot completed in 2018. The examples in the Competency Standards will be revised to provide greater clarity and make them contemporary.  The revised documents will be available on the website when they are completed.  To be considered as Reviewer please contact Sandra Capra, Executive Director, I-CDEA at 

    The Sustainable Food Systems project of ICDA is moving forward well. The survey response from participants has been good in the Delphi process.  There has been a rich ‘dialogue’ going on about what dietitians and nutritionists think is key to the vision of sustainable food systems, what supports are needed and what the strategic role is. Three rounds of survey’s have been completed.