News from the Swedish Association of Dietitians
  • The Swedish Association of Dietitians represents Food Service Dietitians in Sweden. Dietitians who have responsibility with food service management by providing nutritionally adequate, safe, tasty and sustainable quality food to individuals or groups to improve health and treat disease within financial and regulatory frameworks.

    Photograph of the new ECs taken at the mountains in the north of Sweden

    What is going on:

    In Sweden there is no law how food and meals for elderly should be organized. So our NDA is working hard with this delicate task and there is a lot of advocacy going on to adopt legislation for nutrient meals for aged people. The Swedish National Food Agency has recently published recommendations for meals for elderly and that´s a good start.

    In Sweden we have free schoolmeals for all children from 6 years to 16 years (and for most pupils event to 18 years). That means a hot meal, salads and mostly at least two different choices including a vegetarian alternative. Besides of thatwe are obliged to serve those children with need for special food according to allergy or neurophyciatrics functional limitation. We have a problem with increasing demands from this cathegory so our NDA is working with formulating guidelines for special food in school.

    Meals at nursery school; our NDA has introduced a competition for nursery schools concerning how they make use of meal time to work pedagogic with children. That means how they take the opportunity to teach for example sensoric or mathematic during meal time. This competition has been a success for two years now and the winner will have a whole day with a famous Swedish chef.

    Competition for Pre-Schools Organized by the Association

    Our NDA work very active with different national organisations and trade unions promoting the profession as chef. We are absolutely depending on qualified co-workers in our kitchens and today it´s very hard to find staff to employ.

    In our NDA we have established 7 different work-groups focusing on different tasks as; meals for hospital, meals for elderly, meals for school and preschool, procurement for food, a special group for sustainability and the last one for questions around building kitchens (equipment and planning design). Each group works independely with the tasks they find interesting and accurateand they report at regular intervals to our EC (executive board).

    Marianne Schröder Maagaard
    International delegate and Honorary Secretary
    The Swedish Association of Dietitians