An international exploration by Utrecht University, the Netherlands
  • Request for help to reach health professionals for an international exploration by Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

    The exploration concerns potential interest in a new master’s programme - “Clinical Sciences for Health Professionals” that might be interesting for international dietitians with an interest / ambition in research. 

    Clinical Health sciences offers master's programmes for nurses, physiotherapists and other allied health professionals to equip students with scientific research skills to improve the quality of health care and to innovate the clinical practice. In several modules students learn the basic research methods (qualitative and quantitative), statistics and academic skills to design and execute a research proposal. In an elective course students can opt to focus more in-depth in certain topics such as leadership, quality of care, research or policy-making.

    Clinical Health Sciences is offered by Utrecht University, the Netherlands, and comprises of 60 EC. Clinical Health Sciences is an accredited MSc programme by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation and has been awarded “top programme” in the most recent Dutch master’s guide 2017 (keuzegids). Student evaluations are very positive and alumni of the programme often continue their career with a PhD project or a research position in a clinical setting.

    The Master’s programmes is currently offered in Dutch. Clinical Health Sciences is exploring the opportunity to offer an English-taught version of the programme “Clinical sciences for health professionals” for international students with a bachelor degree in a relevant field.
    Members are requested to share the link below in-country among their groups on social media or a newsletter in which they can share the link to the survey questionnaire or send it to specific contacts that they know that are willing to give their opinion.  All help would be welcome as it would help the organisers to get a better insight that can form the basis to continue with the development of some modules or a complete program at the Master’s level.
    The link to the questionnaire is: d/e/1FAIpQLSeA5kmpi_ 4d1RJlcovusocOrSAZCVkYUHMaUuON CLKaYN8phA/viewform?usp=sf_ link.