Report from the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA)
  • Dossier to the Health Ministry
    When a newspaper article regarding the regulation of our profession caught the attention of the IDA national committee, the committee put together a dossier which was submitted to the health ministry.  The dossier contains suggestions to create or improve the standards of dietetics education and practice in India.  IDA received an encouraging response and is hoping that the suggestions will be put to good use. 

    50th National Conference
    IDA reached a milestone in December 2017 when the 50th National Conference of the association was organised in Kolkata.  The conference had participation from nearly 2000 members from all parts of the country, including a founding member, Ms Priti Sen, who is in her 80s. 

    Roles and Responsibilities of Dietitians
    IDA has worked on guidelines for practising dietitians in the clinical and food service areas.  These documents offer suggestions to practising dietitians and to the management of hospitals regarding the role of a dietitian in a clinical set-up.

    Participation in Health Ministry Meetings
    Senior members from the IDA national committee actively participated in meetings organised by the health ministry to design modern kitchens for district hospitals, and to train the trainers for skill-based short-term program in health. 

    Contribution to Safe & Nutritious Food series
    Members from the national committee of IDA have given their expertise to the development of education material on Safe & Nutritious Food published by Foods Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).  Pink Book for Homemakers, Yellow Book for Schools and Orange Book for Workplaces have been developed by FSSAI with inputs given by leading experts that include senior members of IDA.   

    Media & Communication
    Besides the national website, IDA has been publishing a bi-annual newsletter since 2016, to keep its members updated about the association activities and also share scientific information.  Recently, IDA started a national Facebook page to reach out to the social media regulars. 

    Visits to State Chapters
    The National President of IDA along with the Chairperson of the RD (Registered Dietitian) Board took upon themselves to visit all the 24 chapters in various states across the country.  The intention was to meet as many members as possible, to interact with them and answer any questions that they might have regarding the profession or the association.  The visits have been received very well by the members and has been a learning for all. 
    Media and Communications Committee