News from the Board of Directors

  • Dr. Elizabeth Solis PĂ©rez as Member, Board of Directors, ICDA, was present at the Fifth World Health Professions Regulation Conference 2018, organized by the World Health Professions Alliance in Geneva Switzerland.  In this important event were discussed perspectives, challenges and opportunities for effectiveness and accountability in health professional regulation.

    This conference, aimed to “shape the future of health professional regulation in the context of global health systems via multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approaches”.

    The program in the 2018 Edition was divided into three main plenary sessions during May 19 and 20, from renowned speakers, and panel discussions:
    1. A call to set the right standards in regulation
    2. Safety, quality and compliance, benefiting patients, communities and populations
    3. Supporting the quality of lifelong learning
    You can find the presentations of this important conference on