Report of the Nutrition Congress and the 1st International Congress of Food and Nutrition held in Portugal

  • The XVIIth  Congress of Food and Nutrition & 1st International Congress of Food and Nutrition 2018 is a remarkable year for the Portuguese Association of Nutrition, as well as was 2017. In fact, this is the first year in which the renewed institution – now with a technical-scientific focus, presents the Food and Nutrition Congress along with the 1st International Congress of Food and Nutrition. This event was intended to highlight science in a society filled with information.

    In a relentless, thrilling and less filtered than ever society of information, professionals from the healthcare, agri-food and other related fields, have the massive responsibility of being the most concrete and reliable source of information for the general population. Alongside the Scientific Committee, the Organizing Committee used this idea to plan two dynamic days, so that professionals could exchange the most up-to-date and cutting-edge novelties in the Nutrition and Food Sciences.

    There was a large participation of international speakers, along with renowned national speakers. This combination contributed to an extraordinary scientific environment of knowledge and experience sharing, which helps bringing progress to our daily practical activities. This scientific environment was shared with a large attendees group. More than 1750 attendees joined us to listen to the presentations of international and national experts on various topics about nutrition in the information society.
    The International Confederation of Dietetic Associations (ICDA) equally held its Annual Meeting for the first time in Portugal. For us, the presence of ICDA members at the event was considered a privilege.