Dr. Ólöf Guðný - most promising Nordic researcher in gerontology 2018

  • An Icelander, Dr. Ólöf Guðný  was chosen as the most promising Nordic researcher in gerontology 2018. Geirsdóttir, Ólöf Guðný Geirsdóttir was born in Reykjavik, Iceland.
    She is a Nutritionist,PhD and achieved her masters and PhD degrees in Human Nutrition at the University of Iceland. In 2011 she defended her thesis on “Physical activity and dietary intake in community dwelling older adults“ Geirsdóttir has had a broad experience as a nutritionist at the National University Hospital of Iceland.
    Geirsdóttir has contributed to the writing of clinical guidelines for nursing, a handbook of food and nutrition for the elderly, and prevention of falls. In her recent research, she focused on the association between nutrition and physical activity in community-dwelling elderly adults. Geirsdóttir has contributed 16 papers in this field.

    Geirsdóttir recently became an associate professor at the Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, School of Health Sciences, University of Iceland. She has been lecturer and providing supervision to students at the University of Iceland for several years.

    She was nominated for the award by the Icelandic association of gerontology Physicians and the Gerontology association of Iceland. The award was presented at the 24th biannual Nordic Gerontology congress, 2018. After the award was presented to her, Geirsdóttir delivered the honorary speech to her colleagues in the field.

    The 25th Nordic Gerontology congress will be in Reykjavik in 2020 http://www.25nkg.is/ Geirsdóttir, her colleagues and students will participate in the program along with scientists from other Nordic countries. By visiting this site https://24nkg.no it is possible to learn more about the 24th congress and more about Gerontology in the Nordic countries at http://www.ngf-geronord.se/

    This is a great honor for Geirsdóttir and her colleagues in the field celebrate with her on her achievements.

    Frida Run Thordardottir
    Dietitian, Nutritionist MSc