News from the Hungarian Dietetic Association
  • OKOSTÁNYÉR® – The New Hungarian Dietary Guideline

    The Hungarian Dietetic Association has recently published a new dietary guideline for the healthy adult population. The OKOSTÁNYÉR® („smart plate”) is designed to provide detailed dietary guidance in a simple format, to help consumers make healthier eating choices.

    There are convincing evidences that for communication of nutrition and healthy eating messages to the general public it is more appropriate to express recommendations in food-based, rather than nutrient based terms. The OKOSTÁNYÉR® is one of the food-based dietary guidelines, the plate form was chosen as a graphical representation to make it more clear for consumers. The new Hungarian guideline is in-line with the previous dietary recommendations, consistent with the local food variety and eating habits, integrated with other policies related to nutrition and health promotion.

    The OKOSTÁNYÉR® explains ideal composition of a daily diet, leads consumers toward dietary recommendations in connection with the main food groups (fruit and vegetables, grains and cereals, milk and dairy, meat, fish and eggs). Guidance on healthy hydration, moderate consumption of fat, sugar and salt and physical activity is also an integrated part of the new directive.

    Food Science Committee of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences also recommends the OKOSTÁNYÉR®. The guideline is available on website of the Hungarian Association:
    Practical hints and tips on daily menu planning, guidance on healthy portions and food purchase and recipes are also help consumers in everyday implementation of recommendations.
    Zsuzsanna Szucs MSc, dietitian, nutritionist
    Hungarian Dietetic Association