News from the Argentinean Association of Dietitians and Nutritionist-Dietitians
  • AADYND had a very busy 2017. The new members of the Executive Committee joined the existing ones and began on July to project exciting plans and goals for this 2018. AADYND is beginning a stage of changes in which we will add new benefits to the existing ones for our members.
    We will renew with the following proposals:

    • New technologies applied to our online courses and better possibilities of academic training for our members: Due to the current lifestyle of our colleagues, AADYND seeks to facilitate that more and more professionals can be trained and perfected in the different areas of our profession, by accessing to our online courses.
    • Institutional support for research: AADYND believes that research is fundamental for the development of our profession.
    • Creation of new committees and study groups: New groups and committees will be created, bringing together the best professionals in the different areas.
    • New agreements with scientific entities: In order to favor the academic training of our members, we will generate partnerships with other related entities.
    • Possibility of participating actively in AADYND since being a student: AADYND will seek to strengthen the bonds with Universities to achieve the early participation of students in different activities of the association.
    • Platform for the community: We are working on the development of a website designed to bring nutritional information to the community.