Report from AADYND
  • In recent months, the Argentinean Association of Dietitian and Nutritionist-Dietitians (AADYND) has carried out multiple academic activities. A workshop regarding the nutritional management of critical patients was carried out. In addition, the Vegetarian Nutrition Counseling Course and the Intensive Course of Nutritional Care of Diabetic Patients took place.

    AADYND equally carried out distance learning courses such us "Pediatric Nutrition: from birth to adolescence" and "Community Nutrition". The courses "Nutrition in the Elderly", "Auditing Food Services", "Nutrition in Gastroenterology" and "Nutritional Care of patients with Diabetes I and II" are still ongoing.

    The 7th Nutrition Conference of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires "Nutrition, Science in Motion" was held on August 23th and 24th. In attendance were 230 professionals and students.               
    Our study groups are still working in three different areas: Diabetes, Neuroscience and Eating Disorders. The "Nutrition and Kidney" study group will start shortly.

    During the occasion of AADYND´s 70th anniversary, a dinner celebration was held at the Tribeca Hotel. In attendance were, 115 colleagues and companies’ representatives.
    Lucia Rey