Report from Japan Dietetic Association

  • Establishing August the 4th as "Nutrition Day," and Aug. 1st. - 7th. as "Nutrition Week," to promote "Enjoy Nutrition" nationwide! 

    It has been said that "There are no nutrition-related issues in Japan now." Certainly, there are extremely few cases at present where nutritional deficiency disease is caused by food shortages. However, along with the westernization of the diet in Japan and the reduction of exercise in the daily lifestyle, on one hand we have seen an increase in obesity and lifestyle-related diseases, and furthermore, an increase in malnutrition-related issues in the elderly, invalids, and young women. Thus, Japan is also on the verge of being faced with the "Double Burden of Malnutrition," a situation outlined by WHO and considered to be due to nutritional disorders. In many of the cases where nursing care becomes a necessity, the cause can be attributed to lifestyle-related diseases due to overnutrition, or frailty due to undernutrition. Thus, in order to achieve one of the basic policies being promoted by the Japanese government, the "Extension of the healthy life expectancy," we can consider that it will be necessary to address this "new nutrition-related issue," the "Double Burden of Malnutrition," caused by nutritional disorders. In addition, in Japan at the present, there is an over-abundance of information related to diet and food, and more than a few of the citizens are confused by the biased information seen on the internet or the various media outlets. Therefore, we consider that it is our calling, as registered dietitians and dietitians, to distribute nutrition information backed up by scientific evidence to the citizens, and work on solving these kind of "new nutrition-related issues."
    In order to promote the maintenance and improvement of health for everyone, in 2016 the Japan Dietetic Association established August the 4th as "Nutrition Day," and August 1st - 7th as "Nutrition Week." In order to increase recognition and understanding related to these "new nutrition-related issues," the Japan Dietetic Association is planning a number of events and programs that will be conducted by registered dietitians and dietitians. All of these events will be designed to promote the resolution of these "new nutrition-related issues."
     In the new fiscal year, registered dietitians and dietitians will initiate on-site mass media events and conduct several web promotional events, for example, the designation of prominent persons as Health Ambassadors, each of which will target an audience of about 10,000 normal citizens. The various Prefectural Dietetic Associations also have plans for events to be held in their respective local regions. In order to promote projects where experts in the field of nutrition recreate scientific evidence on-site, we will hold the Japan Convention for Nutrition and
    Dietetics, which will be held for two days, on August the 6th. (Sunday) and August 7th. (Monday), during which about 1,000 registered dietitians and dietitians from allover Japan will meet and participate in a variety of events. We will also conduct a number of events related to the promotion of August the 4th as "Nutrition Day."
     We consider it our task is to realize an appropriate diet and promote a healthy future for Japan, free of health discrimination. These events will be just one step forward toward these goals, and you may rest assured that we will constantly strive for further improvements.
    Yasuhiro Kido