Indian Dietetic Association Celebrates Dietetics Day
  • Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) celebrates Dietetics Day nationwide every year on 10th January to promote awareness regarding appropriate diet, nutrition and good health in the community. IDA, with 23 chapters pan India, plays an important role in promoting wellness of the population by creating awareness on healthy eating with emphasis on preventive nutrition and management of diseases.
    During conceptualization in 2013, a special logo was designed for Dietetics Day based on a nationwide competition amongst its members.
    Every year a different theme is chosen from among the numerous suggestions IDA invites from its members. Every chapter undertakes different activities to spread the messages around the theme. These range from lectures, walks, competitions to events at fairs, bookstores, cafes, schools and hospitals. Media coverage further helps to spread the messages. 
    In 2014, the first Dietetics Day was celebrated with the theme “Healthy Foundation for a Healthy Tomorrow”. Activities revolved around school children and teenagers at school and college level, educating them for healthy eating practices, nutritious tiffin competitions, nutrition quiz, awareness regarding junk foods and its ill effects.
    2015 saw the theme “Girl Child and Nutrition” with the slogan “A Healthy Girl Becomes A Healthy Mother.  Good Nutrition is an Investment Like No Other”.  Girls and Mothers were given talks on healthy eating and disease prevention.  Cooking demonstration of nutritious foods for pregnant moms, healthy food exhibits were some of the activities by different IDA chapters.  
    Food Safety was the theme for Dietetics Day 2016 with the slogan “Make Food Safe to Eat”. Simple household methods to detect food adulteration were demonstrated, street plays on how to make food safe, prepare hygienic food for better health were conducted, lectures and demonstrations for ladies at social organizations on detection of food adulteration, importance of reading food labels were some some of the activities conducted by various IDA chapters.
    “Consult a Dietitian – Get Fooducated!” was the theme for Dietetics Day 2017. It was celebrated with great enthusiasm across India. Diet camps, exhibitions, poster displays, handouts, public awareness talks at scientific and social group meetings helped create awareness about the importance of a dietitian, her qualifications, roles and responsibilities.  The coverage in print media, television and social media helped to spread the message wide and clear.
    Description: 2017\IDA Ludhiana Dietetics Day 2017
    Youngsters participate in the 2017 Dietetics Day public awareness program held at a Mall in the city of Ludhiana, Punjab, India

    Conduct of the Dietetics Day celebrations by various chapters is coordinated by IDA Media Committee comprising of National President Sheela Krishnaswamy, Chaired by Seema Puri and committee members Neelanjana Singh, Shilpa Joshi, Mitali Palodhi, Rita Bhargava and Preeti Shukla along with support from National Executive Committee members and Chapter Presidents.
    Media & Communications Committee