Report from AADYND
  • Like every year, AADYND promotes the continuous training of Licensed Dietitians. Numerous online courses have been offered, addressing multiple topics such as vegetarian, good manufacturing practices and management of food services, child nutrition, gluten-free food, gastroenterology, gerontology, community nutrition and audit of food services.
    Likewise, onsite courses and workshops have been initiated regarding the following topics: nutrition in critical patients, psycho-nutritional treatment in overweight patients, groups coordination, use of feeding pumps and bibliographic search.
    On the other hand, on May 12th the II Conference on Nutrition and Sport was held, with the presence of recognized experts in the area. This event was attended by 102 participants.
    Meanwhile, we are working on the organization of the AADYND VII Nutrition Conference of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, which will be held on August 23th and 24th under the motto "Nutrition: science in motion."
    On the other hand, AADYND participated, represented by colleagues who work in the area, at the National Meeting on Nutrition in Disability (RENADIS) convened by the Argentinean Federation of Graduates in Nutrition (FAGRAN), on May 11th and 12th, 2017.
    LucĂ­a Rey