Report from Austria
  • In Austria, registration for Members of the Medical Health Professions has now been enacted by law.   By 01.01.2018 registration will be manadatory.
    For many years, the subject of "registration" has occupied the High Level Medical Health Professions (Medizinisch Technische Dienst) as well as the Medical Health Profession Associations. A legislative process with many hurdles and struggles could now lead to a satisfactory end for all parties involved.

    On 27 September 2016, the law was published in Federal Gazette I No. 87/2016. By January 1, 2018, all High Level Medical Health Professionals as well as graduate Nursing staff in Austria will be required an entry in the register.

    Long-term negotiations and intensive debates with the Federal Ministry of Health, the Federal Chamber of Labor, the Chamber of Commerce, the Austrian Trade Union Federation (ÖGB) and other authorities have now been successful.

    What does this law mean for Dietitians in Austria?

    Graduate dietitians who wish to pursue their profession in Austria are legally required to enter in the register. Registration is a prerequisite for professional practice!

    In addition to registering the members of the profession, the Health Care Register also provides further measures. According to the law, a registrar’s advisory board is to be set up at the Federal Ministry of Health. This registrar’s advisory board consists of representatives from various ministries, institutions, associations, etc. 

    In particular, the registrar’s advisory board is responsible for tasks such as:

    • Consultation and recommendation on fundamental questions of quality assurance in the registration as well as the management of the register,
    • Recommendation on the further development of the registry, in particular the acceptance of other health professions in the health care register.

    The registrar’s advisory board started its activities in 2017 and will undertake all preparations for setting up the registration.

    The establishment of the register for medical health care professions ensures the long-term demands for quality assurance and patient safety. This creates more transparency for patients and service providers. It will then be possible to compile and supply data for the planning and management of care to patients/clients.


    Andrea Hofbauer MSc, MBA, President of the Austrian Association of Dietitians
    Trudy Giesinger, Delegate for the Austrian Association of Dietitians