Report from AADYND
  • During the year 2016 the Argentinean Association of Dietitian and Nutritionist -Dietitians (AADYND) carried out face-to-face, distance workshops and training courses. A total of 650 professionals and students participated in these activities. Some of the topics addressed in the face-to-face courses were: anthropometric and nutritional assessment, nutrition in the critically ill patients, diabetes, obesity, neuro-linguistic programming, ontological coaching and bibliographic research. The Diploma in Diabetes was continued through AADYND´s online platform, covering topics such as type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes in adults and gestational diabetes. In relationship with the virtual courses, the same were: child nutrition, community nutrition, food manipulation, audit, tools to improve adherence in chronic disease treatments, nutrition in gastroenterology and  the elderly.

    Furthermore, AADYND carried out the Food and Nutrition Congress in the city of Buenos Aires on August 29th, 30th and 31st, under the slogan "Going through new scenarios". Twenty-nine round tables, symposia and conferences took place including a total of 75 speakers. A total of 700 professionals and students participated in the Congress.  In addition, the Nutrition and Pregnancy Day was held on November 4th in the City of Buenos Aires. The following topics were addressed: critical nutrients in pregnancy, caffeine and artificial sweeteners, overweight, gestational diabetes and vegetarianism during pregnancy.

    The latest activities carried out at our headquarters between November 16th were and 29th were: A Family Recipes Illustration Workshop and a Symposium about adherence to oral supplements and wound healing. Finally, on December 15th, the Executive Committee held the end-of-year meeting with a group of colleagues, former presidents, university career directors, authorities of other Associations and Federations, as well as AADYND´s employees.  

    Lucia Rey