News from the ICDA Board
  • The new ICDA Board of Directors met from 28th February - 2nd March 2017 with the main purpose of developing a Strategic Plan for 2017-2020.

    a. Strategic Plan

    The aspiration of ICDA is for a stronger dietitian-nutritionists workforce making health improvements through food and nutrition.
    The objectives in the draft plan are focussed on:

    • Producing dietitian-nutritionists that meet international competency
    • standards for safe, ethical and evidence-based autonomous practice;
    • Improved knowledge transfer;
    • Decision makers in health, agriculture and food being able to readily access advice from dietitian-nutritionists on sustainable food systems that promote healthy diets;
    • Health agencies and health professionals being increasingly able to identify that dietitian-nutritionists are key members of the teams who contribute to reducing the burden of malnutrition and;
    • Develop a stronger network.

    Actions to meet each objective will:

    • Advance the profession;
    • Market the profession;
    • Create opportunities for the profession to make its contributions;
    • and/or Build network capacity.

    When considering the objectives and actions, feedback to the Board from members was taken into account.  Feedback was received from the 2016 Survey of Education and Work of Dietitian-Nutritionists, the Members Workshop held before the Annual General Meeting in Granada, ICDA led workshops in the International Congress of Dietetics and from individual members.
    Work commenced by the previous Board of Directors relating to the education of  dietitian-nutritionists and accreditation of education programmes for dietitian-nutritionists will be taken forward by a newly created ICDA Commission for Dietitian-Nutritionist Education and Accreditation (I-CDEA) accountable to the Board.
    The International Competence Standards for Dietitian-Nutritionists 2016 were adopted and will be published on the website. Further examples of the application and assessment of competence along with a toolkit will be developed.
    The International Accreditation Process for Education Programs for Dietitian-Nutritionists 2016 was adopted with agreement for a pilot phase on the implementation to run for one year, 2017-2018. At the end of the pilot phase applications for accreditation will be considered dependent on the capacity of Reviewers appointed to undertake the process.
    A Board Communications Committee (BCC) has been established to strengthen communication with and provide support to National Dietetic Association Representatives. Additional committees have been proposed to increase the capacity of the Board and will be created in due course. All committees will have terms of reference with clear roles, responsibilities and accountability.
    The Strategic Plan will be published on the website when it has been finalised.

    b. Dietitian-Nutritionists around the World. Their Education and their Work 2016. 

    The 2016 report is now available on the website.
    Every four years the ICDA Board conducts a survey of the National Dietetic Association members of ICDA focussed on major changes in the profession, basic and continuing education and areas of work. The 2016 report provides an insight into how the profession is evolving, showing that more countries have registration for dietitian-nutritionists, their education continues to move towards meeting the International Standard for Dietetics Education and they are working in different ways across a more diverse range of settings.

    c.  Summary Report of the International Congress of Dietetics from the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formally the Spanish Foundation of Dietitians-Nutritionists).

    Nearly 1500 dietitians and nutritionists from around the world attended the XVII International Congress of Dietetics, Granada 2016.
    Congress received 867 abstracts from 54 countries around the world. Spain, Canada, Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, Turkey, USA and Argentina had the largest participation in the "Call for Abstracts".
    In the Call for Abstracts call, the expectations of the Scientific Committee were exceeded. Almost 50% of the abstracts received were assigned to the areas of Community Nutrition and Public Health and Clinical Nutrition and Diet Therapy, the rest were distributed in the other 15 topics.
    The scientific program had 103 sessions in 9 simultaneous rooms, of which only 18 were sponsored. The sessions were distributed in 54 round tables, 6 plenary sessions, 22 short conferences, 8 oral communication sessions, 15 workshops and 12 symposia.

    The Spanish Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics has edited a special issue that includes all of the abstracts received. The contents can be found at: or

    To see the video summary of the ICD Granada 2016 click on the following link:
    The Sustainable Eating documentary is now available to all ICDA Member Associations.
    The Sustainable Eating documentary was premiered in Granada on 7 September 2016 under the framework of the XVII International Congress of Dietetics Granada 2016 with enthusiastic acclaim of all dietitians-nutritionists assembled.
    National Dietetic Association (NDA) members of ICDA can contract the broadcasting rights and present the documentary exclusively to the professionals of their country.
    You can also hire the personalization of the teaser for the documentary with the logo of your organization and subtitles in your language.
    NDAs interested in the film, the special teaser or subtitles in the language of the country, can send an email requesting more information to  

    To access the dossier presentation of the documentary with all the information, click on the following link:
    Carole Middleton
    Secretary, ICDA Board of Directors