Report of the Annual Conference of Indian Dietetic Association – IDACON 2016
  • IDACON 2016 was conceived and executed with the theme “Joining Hands to Nourish India-Nutrition beyond Nutrients”, which had an appeal to all stake holders in the area of health and wellness.  This was held on the 23rd, 24th & 25th of September 2016, in Mumbai, organized by the IDA Mumbai Chapter, at Hotel Sahara Star.
    The conference hosted a wide variety of pre-conference workshops: Entrepreneurial Workshop, Food Composition Data in association with FAO, Clinical Nutrition in ICU, Food Safety, Health and Nutrition in association with the Association of Food Scientists & Technologists (India), and Renal Nutrition - a synergy between Nephrologists and Nutritionists in association with Global Hospitals.
    Parallel workshops were hosted on the days of the conference – Diabetes Workshop in association with the Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India, Obesity Workshop titled “From Flab to Fat” in association with All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity, Cardiac Workshop in Association with the Association of Physicians of India and Nutritional Issues in Gynecology Workshop in association with Mumbai Obstetrics and Gynecological Society.
    The conference featured the Founders’ Oration which was awarded to Dr. V. Mohan, who spoke on “Prevention of Diabetes” and Prof. Amiya Kumar Bose Memorial Lecture, awarded to Ms. Gourpriya Koppikar, who gave a spellbinding oration on the changing face of dietetic practice over 36 years.  A host of topics nutrition topics were covered during the scientific sessions; to name a few -  the role of the modern nutritionist, science of nutrigenomics, pre and probiotics, endocrine disruptors, handling nutrition issues in pediatric population with cancer, nutritional issues in the elderly, micronutrient requirements of women and a panel discussion on interpreting nutrition guidelines for the patient.
    A unique aspect of the conference was the hosting of a CEO Conclave - A Formal
    Networking Dinner amongst the industry, institutes, regulatory bodies, various nutrition
    related associations and IDA.  A “JOB CELL” was unveiled to benefit young dietitians in;
    this is the first of its kind in IDA.
    A Public Forum was organized to create a platform for interaction between the dietitians
    and the community, with a wide variety of lectures on myriad topics as well as
    demonstration of healthy recipes. It also featured the release of “Nutrilink”, a publication
    created solely for the education, participation and benefit of the community.
    IDACON 2016 had some first time initiatives –

    • Green initiative translating to e-registration and electronic poster presentations.
    • Incorporation of fitness breaks in the conference by trainers of yoga and belly dance.
    • Creation of an anthem based on the theme of the conference to inspire the dietetic fraternity.

    The Indian Dietetic Association stands united as a community of nutrition and dietetics professionals, holding hands with allied fields, leaping towards health supported by like-minded groups.
    Naaznin Husein
    Organising Secretary – IDACON 2016
    IDA Mumbai Chapter President