I Food and Nutrition Congress in Argentina
  • Argentinean Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists-Dietitians (AADYND) organised the I Food and Nutrition Congress in the city of Buenos Aires on August 29th, 30th and 31st of 2016. Under the slogan "Going through new scenarios", the Congress sought to consolidate multidisciplinary actions to address the issue of nutrition in different situations. The Congress enabled to debate, discuss and share local, national and international academic research results.  The presence of doctors, physical education teachers, physical therapists and lawyers, with their complementary disciplines enriched the knowledge of our profession. Twenty nine round tables, symposia and conferences took place including 75 speakers in total addressing the following topics: premature infant nutrition, strengthening the rights of mother and child to give and receive breast milk, nutritional approach to children with chronic kidney disease, marketing and communication tools for effective listening, nutritional profiles and their potential impact when applied to population, nutrition in the first 1000 days of life, the role of dietitians as auditors in the management area, digestive functional disorders from an interdisciplinary perspective, dysphagia in neurological patients, diabetes through different life stages, optimizing nutritional support in critically ill patients, the role of dietitians as researchers, nutritional management of older adults, development of active lifestyles, innovative experiences of nutrition education in the community, important relationship between fats, sodium and cardio metabolic diseases, role of dietitians in high performance sports, nutritional supplementation in sports, the Latin America point of view of food security, new Dietary Guidelines and experiences from other countries, and law and nutrition.
    A total of 700 professionals and students participated in the Congress. 88 posters were presented and 18 scientific papers were exhibited, within the following categories: adult clinic, pediatric clinic, management, food, education and community nutrition.
    Lucia Rey
    Maria Lujan Stankievich (Treasurer),
    Viviana Corteggiano (President), Beatriz Ravanelli (Vice President)