Launching AFDA Website
  • We are happy to announce the launch of newly designed website for AFDA on the Asian Dietitians Day - Sept. 19, 2016.  September 19 was chosen because it commemorates the founding of AFDA in 1991.
    The objective of the Asian Dietitians Day is to celebrate and honor the important role of dietitians in providing nutrition care and promoting healthy diet and lifestyle for disease prevention and treatment.
    AFDA now consists of 11 full member associations and 1 affiliate member association.  In order to effectively communicate among member associations, a resolution to set up a website was made during the 5th Asian Congress of Dietetics (ACD) held in Bangkok in 2010.  We are grateful that Hong Kong Nutrition Association has contributed its valuable time and energy to develop and launch this website.
    The AFDA website features its history, progress and updated activities.  It will serve as a platform to link and network dietitians in Asia and the world. 
    Enjoy surfing at
    Chwang Leh-Chii, DrPH, RD
    Asian Federation of Dietetic Associations (AFDA)