Fayza Khan – Pakistan
  • This was the first time Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS) participated at any ICDA Congress.  As the current President of the Society, I represented PNDS at 17th ICD, at Granada.  It was indeed an unforgettable experience. I also presented a paper titled "Nutritional status of children in a remote village of desert region Tharparkar Sindh, Pakistan” in the session of Community Nutrition and Public Health and Innovation in food, nutrition and dietetics.
    Latest Scientific information provided during the sessions and workshops will surely help the participants in improving dietetic practice worldwide. The most interesting part of the conference was to meet and interact with hundreds of nutrition and dietetic professionals from 49 different countries under one roof.   
    Fayza Khan
    President, Pakistan Nutrition and Dietetic Society (PNDS)                                                                               

    Fayza Khan at the ICD 2016