Arnt Steffensen – Norway
  • I congratulate FEDN for a very well organized congress; you have every reason to be proud of it! From a Norwegian point of view, the heat was a challenge! It was highly appreciated that there were so many water bottles at the congress, even if plastic bottles are not sustainable. That is, however, totally forgiven for without them I would not have survived. J
    This was a congress with a purpose. It was about seeing the big picture. We can’t ignore the fact that food production and sustainability are linked together. As health professionals it is part of our duty to pay attention to this, in cooperation with the kitchen staff and the food service managers.
    It was interesting to meet old and new colleagues from around the world. Exchanging views and experiences is important. No matter what problem you have in your country, you can be sure that somebody else has experienced the same, and maybe has found a solution.
    In one of the workshops, there was a long discussion about why ICDA is not more visible in public and how we could move the organization forward.   Social media can be a powerful tool. It is an efficient way to spread a message, and to tell the world that you exist. Not only Facebook, but also Instagram and Twitter. If ICDA wants to make a difference, we must think differently. 
    Arnt Steffensen
    President, Norwegian Diet and Nutrition Association