Niva Shapira – Israel
  • ICDA conference 2016 in Granada was a very special experience. The theme – sustainable diets, an urgently needed subject to be studied thoroughly and lead by the dietitians/nutritionists - was introduced in the grand opening ceremony through an educational movie, and was followed by great scientific program that emphasized the vision, mission and potential contribution of the world dietitians-nutritionists’ organizations to the food-environment challenge!
    The Spanish warmth, Granada's beauty/culture and friendly atmosphere enabled inspiring social/professional exchanges. Well-prepared workshops facilitated professional development of the dietitian-nutritionists' competencies, accreditation, autonomy and leadership, inter-professional function and enabled bottom-up 'have-your-say' feedback.
    Israel proudly sent around 15 leading professional delegates.  Most of them presented important scientific papers and posters, and actively participated and contributed in the professional encounters.
    Applause for the Spanish dietetic-association President, Giuseppe Russolillo, Prof. Manuel MoƱino, scientific chair, and their team for an unforgettable conference experience!

    Niva Shapira, Ph.D., R.D., Agr.
    ATID – Israeli Dietetic Association

    Niva Shapira with Sandra Capra