Encomiums for Sandra Capra – from fellow ICDA directors
  • Irene Mackay
    I had the pleasure of working on the Board with Sandra from 2000 – 2004 and would like to record my thanks to her for her friendship and the enormous contribution she has made to dietetics worldwide. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of the profession and under her leadership ICDA has made great progress achieving agreement on work identified in ICDA’s 2000 Mission Statement and progressing the 2012 - 2016 Strategic Plan. This is in no small part due to her commitment, energy and enthusiasm. Thank you, Sandra, and all good wishes for the future. I would also like to wish the new Board every success.
    Irene Mackay
    Chair, ICDA Board 2000 – 2004
    British Dietetic Association
    Marsha Sharp
    Sandra Capra is a motivational leader, inspiring others to follow to achieve goals.  She has served ICDA and thus the profession in a global context tirelessly and selflessly since 2000, moving ICDA from a fledgling idea to an international organization capable of shaping international standards and encouraging their uptake as a means to advance the profession for the benefit of its members and for society.  As Chair of the ICDA Board of Directors (2004 to 2016) and Chair of the International Congress of Dietetics in Sydney, Australia in 2012, Sandra taught ICDA Members and the ICDA Board of Directors to find common ground by building on principles we could all agree to, by respecting diversity of experience, language, culture, and capacity of Members, by listening more intently to more people, and by using humour for achieving greater harmony (when her highland bagpipes were not at hand).  Working beside Sandra has been inspirational, demanding, and fun.  Her friendship brings me great joy, and I look forward to continuing our ICDA relationship in new ways.
    Marsha Sharp
    Director, ICDA Board 2000 – present
    Dietitians of Canada
    Mary-Ann Soerensen
    Sandra and I first met in 1986, when my friend and I travelled to Australia. She welcomed us at the food service department of a hospital in Queensland. 18 years later I had the privilege to meet her again as newly elected director of ICDA.
    Sandra’s enthusiasm is contagious, and the way she embraces the profession of dietitians/nutritionists taking into consideration how different we are around the world, has helped ICDA take a quantum leap for the good of the profession.
    On top of it all, it has been great fun to work with Sandra, and what she does, she does without pomposity.
    Mary-Ann Soerensen, Food Service Dietitian
    Director, ICDA Board 2004 - 2010
    The Danish Diet and Nutrition Association
    Carole Middleton
    It has been a privilege to work with Sandra on the Board of ICDA and I have much appreciated her guidance, support and leadership over the last 12 years.  Sandra is a great champion for the Dietitian-Nutritionist, looking for the common ground across the world, constantly striving to raise the standard of education and practice and the profile of the profession. Board meetings are always hard work but we have achieved a lot and had a lot of fun along the way.
    Carole Middleton
    Director, ICDA Board 2004 – present
    British Dietetic Association
    Teiji Nakamura
    Sandra has been the president of our organization and I feel proud that she is one of my friends. Japanese nutritionists and dietitians have learnt many things from her. Her dedication has made ICDA an international organization.  She is the true leader of the nutrition and dietetics internationally. In 2004, we competed against each other to hold ICD in either Sydney or Yokohama in 2008. This fight was very exciting and fair. I shall never forget this fight and also the good ICDA board members in the past - Sandra, Marsha, Naomi, Jose and Irene. I love and respect them even now. I wish Sandra all happiness in the future!
    Teiji Nakamura  PhD  RD
    Honer President:Japan Dietetic Association
    Sheela Krishnaswamy
    When I first met Sandra in 2008 in Yokohama, Japan, I was very impressed with her leadership skill.  Over the next few years, I got to know her better and admired her intelligence, diplomacy, commitment and cheerfulness.  I enjoyed working with her on the Board of ICDA from 2008 to 2012.  The icing on the cake was the time we spent together when she visited Bangalore, my home town in India.  I wish her the best in her professional endeavours and also wish her good health and happiness, always.
    Sheela Krishnaswamy
    Director – ICDA Board 2008-2012 & 2016-2020
    Indian Dietetic Association
    Sylvia Escott-Stump
    My first international experience beyond North America was to the ICD in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2000.  There, I heard wonderful lectures, presented a short talk, and connected with Sandra Capra and her colleagues who were proposing an ICD in Australia.  Since that time, I have had the opportunity to work with Sandra in ICDA, observe her managerial aptitude, and collaborate with her on many projects.  Sandra sets the bar high but helps everyone reach it.  Her work in ICDA has been inspirational and I hope to continue working with her!
    Sylvia Escott-Stump, MA, RDN, LDN, FAND
    Director, ICDA Board 2010-2016
    Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, USA
    Niva Shapira
    Prof Sandra Capra has contributed significantly to ICDA. She has the cultural openness and empathy required for a multi-national organization. Her academic excellence and expertise have supported her voice in scientific and professional healthcare systems, and her political wisdom has promoted the goals of ICDA.
    Her commitment, responsibility, and integrity have contributed tremendously to the achievements attained throughout her chairmanship, including in the field of international accreditation and competencies. Her warmth and humour add fun to the meetings and strengthened group adhesion.  Personally, I enjoyed being a board member with her, and hope that she retains her spirit and continues to find rewarding ways of contributing to dietitian-nutritionists around the world.
    Dr. Niva Shapira
    Director - ICDA Board 2012-2016
    Israeli Dietetic Association