Dietitians in Austria use Video-Translator during Diet Counseling
  • The Villach Regional Hospital has taken a decisive step in the care of people of other nations in their native languages.
    Since one year, a Tablet is being used during the counselling of patients, mostly migrants, for translating purposes.
    A large network (SAVD-Video Interpreter GmbH) stands by within seconds after the request, providing interpreters in many languages all any time.
    The team of Dietitians at the hospital in Villach often uses this new technical achievement. Dietary consultations are frequently carried out using the translation services with the help of the Tablet.
    The dietary counselling conducted in this manner helps to understand the information better, faster, more accurately and in detail. Patients benefit a great deal from this new technology.

    Alice Klatzer, BSc
    Austrian Association of Dietitians
    Trudy Giesinger, Delegate
    Austrian Association of Dietitians