Canadian Dietitians Collaborate on Inter-Professional Practice and Dietetic Education Accreditation
  • Over the past year, Dietitians of Canada has been involved in several major projects to enhance inter-professional learning and collaboration amongst allied health professionals.  Working with pharmacists, Dietitians of Canada, created a unique learning program for health professionals on drug-nutrient interactions. The online course aims to improve practitioners’ ability to identify, prevent and manage clinically relevant drug-nutrient interactions. The course is also designed to foster inter-professional collaboration.  This program has been recognized as a significant initiative and will be presented at the International Lifelong Learning in Pharmacy Congress in Split Croatia in July 2016. We also partnered with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists and Speech-Language and Audiology Canada to host the first national inter-professional conference on dysphagia assessment and management.  The ‘Charting New Ground’ event brought together mid-career registered dietitians, occupational therapists and speech and language pathologists with experience practicing in dysphagia, with the stated intention of fostering enhanced collaboration and communication amongst team members for the best possible patient care.  The event was a sold out success and further collaborative initiatives are being planned.  More on this program will be presented at the International Congress of Dietetics in Granada in September 2016. 
    Dietitians of Canada has entered a new age of dietetics education accreditation through a collaborative inter-organizational network with dietetics educators and regulatory bodies in Canada.  Using updated entry-to-practice competencies, accreditation standards and policies, and a newly constituted Accreditation Council, accreditation is now managed in a way that includes all sectors with an interest and mandate in dietetics education.
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    Corinne Eisenbraun
    Director Education Policies and Programs