From Sandra Capra, Chair of Board of Directors, ICDA
  • Welcome to 2016 – yes it’s the Chinese year of the Red Fire Monkey but it’s also the year of the 17th ICD in Granada.  Only six months to go so I hope you all have your travel plans well in hand.  It is a really terrific program and there is still time to register!! 
    The ICD is a really important time point for the ICDA – we have a series of workshops and important meetings at the same time and this is where we get feedback from you.  Your Official Representative has received information from us about the International Competency Standards (ICS) and we are looking for feedback from them very soon.  We are also, right now, collecting the information on the education and work of dietitian- nutritionists.  We present the findings at the ICD and then will be publishing the report.  This is a really important piece of work as we have a series of four yearly reports going back many decades now – a wonderful repository of knowledge showing how the profession has developed and expanded over the years.
    Forbes has some predictors for 2016 ( which are of relevance to us.  The rise of wearable technology for health and fitness tracking, the use of mobile apps, special banks to serve healthcare in underserved populations and the rise of insurance for healthcare across the world to allow better access.  All of these spell a bright future for dietitian-nutritionists, as they should increase demand.  But only if we are ready, willing and able, and ready for change.  We call on dietitian-nutritionists everywhere to embrace these changes and seek ways to leverage these to our advantage.
    As we start a new year, looking forward is better than looking back, although we must learn from the past.  For in the past and present are the ideas and innovations we need – we just need to recognise them when we see them and learn from them.  I call all of
    you to arms in the fight against diet related chronic diseases and malnutrition.  We have a real opportunity to make a difference if we are alert for opportunities be they local, national, international or technology driven. We are stronger together.
    We are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible in Granada in September.
    Sandra Capra
    Chair, Board of Directors, ICDA