Taiwan Dietitian Association
  • The Taiwan Dietitian Association (TDA) was founded in 1995 based on Dietitian Law, which aims to improve people’s health in Taiwan, unite the dietitians of the country, improve the networking among dietitians, help with the development of nutritional profession, enhance professional competency, and promote dietitians’ rights and interests. TDA is an organization of licensed dieticians, which comprises of 14 local chapters with 3432 members. Nearly quarter of the members hold advanced academic degrees. Our members work in a wide range of practice areas, which can be divided into three main domains: Clinical Nutrition, Food Service and Management, and Community Nutrition. The workplaces include health care institutes (51%), food service companies (17%), schools at all levels (14%), long-term care institutes (8%), public health system (4%) and others not specific (6%). To encourage our members working in research, we regularly publish “Taiwan Journal of Dietetics” (http://www.dietitians.org.tw/publication), “Taiwan dietitian NEWS”, as well as a variety of practical training and educational material.
    As the only government authorized dietitians’ group in Taiwan, TDA also actively participates in national food and nutrition policy.
    We are glad to join this organization to share our experiences and learn from the other countries.  Hopefully we can work together with all the ICDA members to make the world healthier and better.
    Pengyuh Wu, MS, RD, CNSC
    Secretary of International Affairs

    Taiwan Dietitian Association