Swedish Association of Clinical Dietitians
  • Founded in 1977, the aim of the Swedish Association of Clinical Dietitans (DRF) is to promote and protect the professional interests of its members, the clinical dietitians of Sweden. DRF is frequently used as a consultation body by authorities, trade-unions and different related associations and organisations (such as the Swedish Diabetic association, SWESPEN etc.). DRF also works to ensure high standards in training, in-service training and in research for its members.
    DRF is an active member of the European Federation of the Associations of Dietitians (EFAD), with leading positions within different working and specialist groups. The organisation is also a member of SWESPEN, the Swedish part of ESPEN (European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism). DRF is a member of The Swedish Association of Scientists (Naturvetarna), Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations. 
    The association has about 1250 members including approximately 300 students. The minimum academic degree for full membership is a BSc. There is a growing number of dietitians in Sweden with Master’s degree and about 50 members have a PhD. It is possible to receive a specialist title within DRF by fulfilling specific criteria set up by the association.
    The education of dietitians in Sweden started in 1969 and is today found at the universities of Gothenburg, Uppsala and UmeƄ. Since 2006 the clinical dietitians in Sweden are registered by the government.
    The board of DRF presently consists of up to seven registered dietitians and one student representative. Within DRF there are several specialist interest groups such as geriatrics, renal medicine, diabetes etc., with tasks like developing nutritional treatment guidelines within their specific areas and producing information material. DRF also has a number of local associations. Additionally there is a working group for ethics, information technology, taxonomy and documentation.
    In 2010 the Swedish Association of Dietitians (DRF) became the first dietetic association in Europe to start a co-operation with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) in the US to implement and adapt the Nutrition Care Process (NCP) and International Nutrition and Dietetic Terminology (IDNT). Since the publication of the Swedish version of this manual, dietitians throughout the country have started to practice in line with the NCP and use the IDNT terminology in patients’ medical records. DRF is also represented in the international group working together with AND and in the development of NCP-T.
    The official website is www.drf.nu.
    Elisabet Rothenberg