Loud and Proud: Dietitians Week in the UK
  • The British Dietetic Association (BDA), for the second time in as many years, organised Dietitians Week 2015 (8-12 June 2015).  Dietitians Week was created as part of the wider BDA campaign, Trust a Dietitian, which aims to highlight the work and value of the dietetic profession across the UK.
    Dietitians Week was primarily an online-based campaign that sat on the main Trust a Dietitian website, but held its own URL www.DietitiansWeek.com.
    The interest in this awareness week drew significant support from the BDA membership and supporting partners. 

    Activities included a parliamentary reception in each of the four parliaments in the four home countries in the UK and were all attended by either that country’s Health Minister or the Deputy Health Minister, in addition to many others.

    The week also included having over 200 local events taking place around the UK (up from over 100 in 2014) and the BDA was able to supply 150 free merchandise packs for these events (up from 100 the previous year).
    The three Twitter chats with partners @RDUKchat proved popular in 2014, so we again ran three Twitter chats during Dietitians Week 2015 and this resulted in a social media footprint of 8 million (up from 6 million in 2014).  We also used the online social media system, Thunderclap, to herald in Dietitians Week and this reached 363,337 people online (up from 261,726 the previous year).
    From this information, one can see that Dietitians Week, while supported centrally by the BDA, is very much a member-led awareness week.  One will also see from the stats provided that Dietitians Week 2015 demonstrated a significant improvement on the previous year. 
    We used the online platform of the website to produce lots of downloadable posters, information, media release templates and other resources to allow BDA members to take up the opportunity to shout loud and proud locally about the work and value of this wonderful profession.
    Dietitians Week 2016 (or DW2016 as it is known internally), is going to be bigger and better than ever before.  Please email TrustADietitian@bda.uk.com if you want to know more.