Active Leadership and Learning in Singapore
  • Since its inception, Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association (SNDA) has been an affiliate and avid supporter of various international nutrition and dietetic organizations worldwide, taking on active leadership roles and rendering support to promote nutritional well-being in Singapore and abroad. 
    Federation of Asian Nutrition Societies (FANS)
    FANS is an organization of nutrition scientists within the region and it was chaired by SNDA from 2011-2015. SNDA and FANS’ President Chow Pek Yee, conducted talks for various nutrition leadership development workshops within Asia as well as encouraged the organization’s participation in conferences like the 20th ICN held in 2013 in Granada, Spain. This, along with other projects within the region, increased collaborative efforts among FANS members in furtherance of nutrition research, training and action programs. To date, FANS is made up of 18 country members.
    Asian Federation Dietetic Association (AFDA)
    AFDA is an association of nutrition and dietetic organizations in the Asian region. SNDA has held the Treasurer’s post since 2006. Aside from holding a key position in the organization, SNDA has supported AFDA in its various endeavors.  The latest activity was the 6th Asian Congress of Dietetics, 2014 held at Taiwan.  Aside from promoting the event and encouraging higher attendance to the congress, many of SNDA members were moderators/speakers and research presenters.  Participation in this event also paved an opportunity for SNDA members to learn more about Taiwan’s dietetics practice through various hospital visits.
    International Diabetes Federation (IDF) and Diabetic Society of Singapore (DSS)
    IDF is a global advocate for people with diabetes. Its primary awareness campaign is the World Diabetes Day.  In Singapore, this is being championed by IDF’s local representative, Diabetes Society of Singapore (DSS).

    Every year SNDA partners with DSS to create awareness on the importance of diet in the management of diabetes. On 23 November 2014, SNDA partnered with DSS to present information on diabetes care to the public in English and Mandarin. The theme was ‘Healthy and low GI breakfast options for better blood sugar control’.
    On the same day, a ‘Virtual Supermarket Tour’ was set-up with the help of external corporate partners, and applied nutrition students from Temasek Poly technic School showcased the popular food items with volunteer nutritionists and dietitians explaining nutrition labeling and giving insights on how to quantify the sugar in their food.
    The event benefited over a hundred participants who garnered valuable tips and reminders in managing diabetes through better food choices.
    Christine Rubi-Cruz and Leow Sooi Mee
    SNDA Educational Resources Subcommittee